As of now, people are gathering to protest banks and express their opposition to financial investment and protection-based solutions. As a result, Wall Street is presently in the middle of consumer unrest. Yet, there is an opportunity for Green Banks to grow while offering traditional financial institutions a good reason to create original and creative solutions involving some of the day’s most recent problems, including climate change, unemployment, and security.

Clean technology solutions would be helpful to not only driving climate change, but also fixing issues like job creation, pollution, and the promotion of American innovation. Furthermore, clean technology could improve energy autonomy; alternative sources of energy including biofuels and geothermal heat and electricity are the base of the 21st century’s efforts at sustainability. For that reason, Green Banks flourishes in sustainability efforts. With loan officers trained in areas that are intended to support solutions to make energy efficient, Green Banks are especially good at offering up creative sustainability solutions. Traditional banks beware, as we speed ahead into the 21st century, we can’t fathom a world without green initiatives.

Even world-renown financial experts like Dan Zwirn have acknowledged that we would be helping many organizations to fund green initiatives and incorporate energy efficient facilities if we would give funds from several foreign investors to green banks. Several environmental policy makers are encouraging investors to consider investing in clean technology as it would create long term viability.

However, the problem comes down to the funds; unless more funds are available there is no way to close the climate-investment gap. Although green banks offer loan money up front with a promised return, green banks do not have the funds to send to multiple borrowers. The best solution would be to follow a model that was based upon advice from financial experts. Additionally, green banks would have to have protection from the US government. As a result, green banks would be attractive to foreign investors which would bring in more money for an investment in clean technology.

It’s evident that are potential solutions for supporting the rebuilding of America’s economy and a transition phase would be the best time to do so. Although the idea of “Green” has been around, the time is here to address the problem that it’s not moving forward. Instead, it’s time to except the concept of green; if we do, results can be achieved.